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Our School

Bei Dou Kung Fu (also known as All Star Kung Fu) was founded in 2006 by Grand Master Xiaofei Dong, who came to the United States from China with a dream: to allow individuals in America to understand, appreciate and practice authentic Chinese martial arts. To accomplish this goal, he established three standards for his school.

The first standard is professionalism. All full-time instructors at Bei Dou Kung Fu are professional martial artists and champions from China. Period. The premise is that if you want students to learn things the right way, you really need qualified instructors who know what they are doing. These instructors have undergone a lifetime of rigorous martial arts training, and they abide by the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

The second standard is content. Kung Fu is such an ancient and diverse art, it is difficult to teach everything and still remain focused at the same time. Hence, we have established a sash system to help students learn the basics. Students begin with no sash, then progress to white sash, yellow sash and so on, all the way to black sash. At each sash level, students learn hand techniques, kicking,

self-defense, acrobatics, weapons, and choreographed forms. This is a rich and neatly organized curriculum that greatly facilities the otherwise difficult learning process.

The third standard is access. Ultimately, people need a Kung Fu school near where they live in order to practice. That is why expansion is an important goal for our school. Thus far, we have opened three schools in Illinois - in Naperville, Chicago and Hanover Park - and two schools in California - in Mountain View and Sunnyvale - for grand total of five schools. We also operate numerous outside training programs in local cultural and community centers.

The name of the school, Bei Dou, stands for the North Star. In pre-modern times, sailors and travelers would use this star for navigation purposes. This name reflects the school’s mission: to be a guide for students in their journey to learn and understand the Chinese martial arts. At the end of the day, Bei Dou Kung Fu’s central philosophy revolves around three words: (Guan Ai; Care), (Jian Kang; Health), (Kuai Le; Happiness). We want our students to live healthy, fruitful and compassionate lives, to be productive and valued members of their community and society, and we believe that our school can help them get there.